What is Prolonged Grief Disorder?

Nov 4, 2022 | Articles & Information

It can sometimes be difficult to say when grief has gone beyond what is considered appropriate and expected.  However, who is to say that grief follows a particular timeline? 

Grief is never really gone, we just find a way to live with the reality of the loss.  However, when grief begins to interfere with your ability to carry out or engage in your day-to-day activities over an extended period of time, it may be a sign that professional help may be needed. Prolonged grief disorder is a diagnosis that that has a variety of symptoms including depression and loss of sleep that continues for more than a year. Fortunately, there are treatments that can help. 

We hope you will take a look at two informative articles we have found, which shine a spotlight on prolonged grief.

We hope these articles will provide insight and support you will find beneficial. If you have any questions or wish to discuss topics related to the loss of a loved one, feel free to reach out to us at Access Cremation for assistance. We’re happy to help.

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