Plant-a-Tree Cremation Services


Plant-a-Tree Cremation Services

Honoring a loved one when they pass on is important to everyone, and celebrating all that person has given us helps keep their memory present in our lives. An inspirational way to give back to your loved one is to grow a living memory – plant a living tree – not just any tree, a TREEMATION tree with your loved one’s remains bringing life to something alive and beautiful.


How It Works:

Cremated remains are placed inside of a biodegradable urn along with a soil mixture, which helps the cremated remains produce a balanced growing environment. A tree sapling of your choice is then placed inside the urn before being buried in the ground. 


Want Us to Assist You at Your Ceremonial Burial?

Access Cremation is happy to attend your “Plant-a-Tree” ceremonial burial event. If you would like a staff member to accompany you on your journey, contact us for details. We are happy to help answer all of your questions.

You know the strength of a company by the company it keeps.  We are proud to be members of:




The Better Business Bureau strives to create an ethical marketplace by ensuring that high standards for trust are set and maintained. As a member of the BBB, Access Cremation is committed to reliable, ethical and trustworthy practices with all of our customers.

CANA is an international organization that was founded in 1913 with the goal to promote safe and hygienic methods for individuals who choose cremation. Access Cremation is proud to be among their 1,500 members.

ICCFA proudly promotes consumer choices, pre-arrangement and open competition. Since being founded in 1887 it has created numerous guidelines advocating state legislation on a number of consumer related issues.

NFDA is the world’s leading funeral service association. As a member, Access Cremation joins in their mission to provide families with meaningful end of life services with the highest levels of excellence.

Simple • Affordable • Dignified

Our goal is to provide a simple, affordable and dignified way to honor a life well lived.

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