The Myth of Closure: Is Closure Always the Goal? 

Mar 25, 2023 | Articles & Information

The loss of a loved one is difficult to accept, regardless of the age. For so many, the loss, whether expected or unexpected, brings a new reality to which we must adjust. We struggle with the words left unsaid, the questions left unanswered, and the opportunity to be able to say our final farewells. Perhaps even more heart-wrenching is the finality of the loss, and the realization that we will never be able to see our loved one again. This in turn leaves us unable to find acceptance of our new reality and interferes with our ability to find closure as we grieve and heal.

While we will never truly “get over” our loss, with time, it is possible to learn how to make peace with our feelings and our loss. This article by David B.. Seaburn in Psychology Today entitled: Is Closure Always The Goal When Someone Dies?

https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/going-out-not-knowing/201607/is-closure-always-the-goal-when-someone-dies  gives insight on learning to cope with grief and learning to “move with loss” rather than “moving on” from it.

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