The Libation Ceremony: What Is It and How Can it Help Me?

Nov 15, 2022 | Articles & Information

Have you heard of the Libation Ceremony?  Many cultures engage in some form of honoring their ancestors or deceased loved ones during an important life event, such as a wedding. The Libation Ceremony has been a way to invite our departed loved ones to join us in this special moment, on this special day and to take part in our celebration.

The ceremony involves the pouring of liquids and is often accompanied by benedictions or prayers that invite our ancestors and loved ones to share in this space and experience with us. As you and your loved ones have celebrations, you may decide to include your departed loved ones in your ceremonies and celebrations through your own libation ceremony.  Here is an interesting article entitled, “Everything You Need to Know About the Libation Ceremony” by Ariana LaBarrie. We think you will find this to be very informative. 

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