Option B: Coping With the Loss of a Loved One

Jan 15, 2022 | Access News, Articles & Information

Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Meta Platforms, formerly Facebook, wrote the book Option B as a way to reflect on the sudden death of her husband, and build resilience as she faced adversity. Death is the great equalizer as is grief.  Sheryl Sandberg realized through her journey to healing and acceptance that while losing her husband in the prime of his life, and being left with the responsibility of raising their two young children without him, was never Option A, she had to accept her new life and make the best of Option B, for her sake and that of her children.

Sheryl Sandberg is relatable in her willingness to be vulnerable and transparent about her grief.  She shares about how difficult it was discussing her grief with friends and that although awkward at times, it helped her get the support she needed while also remembering and honoring the memory of her husband.

In trying to help others cope with loss, Option B has grown into a supportive online community that helps to build resilience in the face of grief and loss, divorce, illness, injury, sexual assault and incarceration. When Option A is not available, you are left with Option B.  Take a look at the many resources available on the Option B Website. Click Here for Details.

The loss of any loved one can be painful and traumatic. For questions or information about this or any of our articles, Contact Access Cremation Today for assistance. A staff member is happy to help.

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