Memorializing Loved Ones Through Art

Mar 5, 2021 | Articles & Information

From time immemorial, families have honored their deceased loved ones with elaborate family altars within their homes, or with picture collages of their loved ones displayed in a prominent place within their homes.   While these are loving ways to remember loved ones, there are now many unique and creative ways to memorialize those we have lost.

Art can be a way to channel emotions that cannot easily be put to words or to highlight a particular quality or trait of a loved one while creating unique cremation art.  Beautiful art pieces have been created by incorporating cremains into paintings, while others have fashioned exquisite diamonds, sentimental pendants, rings, earrings, and necklaces which also contain loved one’s cremains.

Other ideas such as beautiful home decor options could be considered, as well.  For example, cremains could be added to clay to create pottery, or to make beautifully ornate dream catchers, stained glass windows or hour glass urns.  The possibilities are limitless and we at Access Cremation are here to help. Contact us anytime for assistance.

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