How to Manage Your Digital Afterlife and Why it Matters

Apr 6, 2021 | Articles & Information

Article via Phys.Org

If you were to die tomorrow, what would happen to your Facebook page?

We recently stumbled onto an article we think you will find fascinating. The topic of memorializing life digitally when a loved one passes is becoming increasingly popular and a rapidly growing discussion.

In reference to this article, these question are posed:

  • Would your current profile picture and cover image remain, digitally freezing your identity in perpetuity?
  • How would your “friends” (virtual and/or real-life) know you’d died, or would they?
  • Once you were gone, who would assure that posts to your page were appropriate?
  • Years from now, would friends still get a reminder in their news feed on your birthday? If so, how would that make them feel?

These are all great questions and you can find the full article here. You’ll learn about what Facebook and other social media outlets are doing to memorialize loved ones. You will also learn about the man who has become the “digital afterlife mastermind,” Jed Brubaker.  The science behind such an emotional issue is incredible.

Article Source: Phys.Org

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