Grief in Six Words, Not More

Jun 18, 2022 | Articles & Information

There are so many feelings that can overwhelm us during life-shattering moments of loss.  It seems like there are no words to describe such feelings, however, maybe you could try finding six words to express your grief.  Writing is a creative outlet that can be used to help someone who is experiencing grief.  There are many writing activities that could be helpful such as journal writing, but for those who just cannot bring themselves to write down a paragraph or two in their journal, you may want to try the writing activity, Grief in Six Words (Visit: https://www.griefinsixwords.com/). 

There are no rules, except to keep the entry at exactly six words.  Here are some moving and poignant examples of the emotion that can be captured in just six small words: I think of you every day; or Shock numb Angry accusing remembering laughing. The Grief in Six Words activity might help with providing a simple way to begin a dialogue so that you can find an entry point to a deeper discussion.

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