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Donate Your Body to Science

Body Donation: The Gift of Hope

Body donation significantly impacts advancements in medical research, development, and education every day. Individuals who choose to donate their body to science help to improve the quality of life for all of for everyone. If you or a loved one has decided body donation to science is a viable option, we encourage you to reach out to Access Cremation to discuss the details.


How It Works:

Cremated remains are placed inside of a biodegradable urn along with a soil mixture, which helps the cremated remains produce a balanced growing environment. A tree sapling of your choice is then placed inside the urn before being buried in the ground. 


Cremation with Full Body Donation:

    • Cremation is Free with Optional Shipping of Cremains.
    • Personal Guidance with a Trained Access Cremation Consultant.
    • Access to Any Upgraded Services You Choose.
    • Provide Meaningful Scientific Research and Training to the Medical Community.

Access Cremation offers FREE cremation through the donation of a decedent’s body to science for educational and medical research. We are pleased to be working with the leading fully accredited full body donation organization, Science Care, located in Long Beach, CA.

Benefits of Full Body Donation:

    • Contribute to meaningful medical research.
    • Free Cremation – the entire cost of Direct Cremation is covered (a savings of $600+ if approved).
    • Family can receive the remains in 2-5 weeks after cremation.

Contact Access Cremation to pre-register or register your loved one (we will help you contact Science Care).

How the Process Works: At the time of passing, Access Cremation should be the first phone call you make. We will arrange to have your loved one picked up from the place of death and brought to our facility.

Pre-Approval: Hospice patients can be pre-approved through Science Care’s HOPE® Program. The HOPE® Program donor and/or donor loved one completed the medical screening assessment with Science Care and acceptance is granted. A valid authorization for donation and cremation must be provided to Science Care by the donor prior to passing, or by the required number of the highest legal order next of kin after passing. Terms and conditions as established by Science Care’s informed consent for donation and cremation will apply, so contact us for details.

Approval: After the passing Science Care can be contacted through Access Cremation to obtain approval and clearance for donation. It is important to inform Science Care that you are working with Access Cremation.

Simply let us know, at the time of passing, that your loved one has been pre-approved by Science Care, or that you are interested in donating to Science Care. Access Cremation will assist with the coordination, and the eventual transport to Science Care, once approval has been obtained, and we will handle cremation at our facility once the donation is complete.

Benefits: After death has occurred, and your loved one is on our care, you will have the comfort of having trained Access Cremation counselors available to you to help you with the donation process, as well as final arrangement details. Using Access Cremation also allows the family to have additional services available to them which Science Care cannot offer.

Access Cremation will handle the signing, and filing of the permit and death certificate and will place an order for death certificates for you. Access can arrange for a private ID viewing, or a witnessed cremation, provide a selection of upgraded urns and keepsakes, arrange for a Private Charter to witness the scattering at sea, or an un-witnessed sea scattering with certificate.

Please Note: None of these options are offered by Science Care. Science Care will simply cover the cost of shipping cremated remains to anywhere in the US.

Should Your Loved One NOT Be Approved for Donation: In the event that non-approval becomes an issue, rest assured, your family will not have to struggle to look for a cremation provider to handle the cremation. Your loved one will already be in our care, at one of the least expensive cremation care providers in Southern California. Feel free to discuss any concerns you have with our care team.

The donation of a loved one to science is a gift to all of us. Through research and practice, your gift allows for the advancement of medical technology, which benefits all of mankind. Feel free to call us at 800-385-8510 with any questions you might have, or visit our Access Cremation Contact Center for assistance. We are standing by ready to help.

Donation Cremation Accreditation:

Choosing a body donation program with AATB accreditation (such as Science Care) ensures that donors are treated with the highest level of respect and consideration. The AATB sets ethical standards for all its organizations, offering donors and their families the assurance that their gifts will be placed with legitimate research and educations programs and will never be used in any manner outside of their signed agreements. Let Access Cremation assist you with body donation/cremation assistance. Contact us today.

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The Better Business Bureau strives to create an ethical marketplace by ensuring that high standards for trust are set and maintained. As a member of the BBB, Access Cremation is committed to reliable, ethical and trustworthy practices with all of our customers.

CANA is an international organization that was founded in 1913 with the goal to promote safe and hygienic methods for individuals who choose cremation. Access Cremation is proud to be among their 1,500 members.

ICCFA proudly promotes consumer choices, pre-arrangement and open competition. Since being founded in 1887 it has created numerous guidelines advocating state legislation on a number of consumer related issues.

NFDA is the world’s leading funeral service association. As a member, Access Cremation joins in their mission to provide families with meaningful end of life services with the highest levels of excellence.

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