Finding a Therapist

Apr 14, 2022 | Articles & Information

How do you find a therapist? 

You can start by asking your doctor.  They often have resources that they can offer or refer you to the right person to speak with.  You can also do a search online and this will likely provide an extensive list of therapists in your area.  If you prefer a virtual consultation rather than an in-person session, there are also options available for this type of support.  Sometimes, the first therapist you visit may not be the best fit.  You can always change your mind and keep looking for the right fit. 

Here are a couple of sites that can help with your search:

It is important to remember that there are many resources available to you and that they are only a telephone call away. 

We at Access Cremation are here to help. Contact us anytime with any questions you may have.

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