Experience Camp: For Children Who Have Lost Their Parents

Jan 8, 2022 | Access News, Articles & Information

For children who have lost their parents, their entire world must feel like it is crumbling beneath their feet.  The shock of their loss must be overwhelming.  The days of being carefree are overtaken by tremendous loss, grief and feelings of isolation.  Although nothing will take away the pain, being able to share their grief with others who have had a similar loss can help build a community of support around the grieving child. 

A way to connect a child with other children who have experienced the loss of a parent is through Experience Camp.  Experience Camp provides the opportunity for children to attend a FREE one-week camp, offered throughout the country (i.e. California, Michigan, Georgia, etc.) during the year.  They have access to licensed clinicians who specialize in children/teen/young adult bereavement and offer the opportunity to join an online community. 

Whether it is the loss of a parent, a sibling or another caregiver in the life of the child, Experience Camp provides the socio-emotional support, as well as a structured camp environment.  If you are one of the caring adults in the life of a child who is living through the loss of a parent, sibling or other caring adult, you may want to consider Experience Camp.  For more information, you can learn more at https://experiencecamps.org/

We at Access Cremation are committed to providing you with excellent service and resources that can help you during this difficult time. Contact us for assistance.

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