Coping with Grief by Making a Memory Box 

May 4, 2022 | Articles & Information

In the face of grief, there is not much that can provide comfort.  An idea that can be helpful for both children and adults is creating a memory box together.  This can be therapeutic and can be a way to help process the emotions that such a loss can bring.  You can start by helping the child select a special box to keep their treasured items.  They can decorate the box if they would like.  Then, they can write letters to their lost loved one, draw pictures, place items of clothing, or books that may hold special meaning.  They can continue to add items to the box, as they would like and re-visit as often as needed. 

Adults can also make memory box. You may choose to include a piece of clothing, pictures, music and other keepsakes. You might find it comforting to do this as a family and allow each family member to explain why they chose each item. This is a great way to engage children in conversation about their feelings and provide coping strategies.  

Another way to use the memory box is in preparation for a passing.  Together, you and your family can discuss what might go in a memory box and the reasons why they were selected so that when the loved one passes, the family can have the memory box to help them with their grief process. You could include letters to each family member and even a recorded video message.  Perhaps include songs that you have enjoyed together in the box, as well as recordings of moments spent together. Another idea might be to include letters to be opened during special milestones in your children’s lives, or your loved one’s lives such as birthdays, anniversaries, prom, graduation or the day they get their driver’s license. The act of having participated in creating a memory box together with the loved one can bring a measure of comfort and can help them cope through the bereavement process. 

Click to view a brief Sesame Street video clip about creating Memory Boxes that can be shared with your children as you create a memory box together.

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