Compassionate Friends: Supporting Families after a Child Dies

Jan 3, 2022 | Access News, Articles & Information

As we enter yet another year living with the threat of COVID, and so many other challenges within our society and day-to-day lives, our thoughts go out to each and everyone of you who are grieving a loss. The pain of loss is devastating, and perhaps none more so than for those who may be experiencing the unthinkable and the unbearable, the loss of a child.

For those of you who are experiencing such a loss, it must feel as if no one else could possibly understand your pain and grief.  While the comfort of family and friends is appreciated, perhaps the depth of loss can only truly be understood by another parent who has lost their child. 

There are groups available that are focused on providing an emotionally safe place to mourn with the support of others who have experienced the loss of a child, whether a minor or an adult.  One such group is Compassionate Friends. They provide in-person, group or one-on-one, virtual support and access to an online Facebook community.  A quick search on the Compassionate Friends Website, which will give you the location of a local chapter.

We at Access Cremation hope that you will not have to endure the unthinkable, but if you are experiencing this loss, whether recent or not, please know that there are Compassionate Friends and others who make it their mission to walk alongside you during your grief. Contact us anytime to discuss anything at all related to the grief process.



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