A Grief Calendar

May 25, 2023 | Access News

There are many ways to track the minutes, days, weeks, months and years since the passing of our loved one. Sometimes, it may seem that the days are all just a blur and each day begins to fade into a month and suddenly we realize with a heavy heart that the anniversary of our loved one’s passing is near. As we find ways to cope with our grief and loss, it may be helpful to look into a grief calendar. A grief calendar contains inspiring quotes or poems to help you get through each day. They can be powerful, yet gentle reminders that do not require you to read long excerpts, but can still provide some measure of comfort and opportunity to reflect daily. 

There are grief calendars that can be purchased, or, it can be a personalized calendar that the family can work on as a project together.  You could customize and print your grief calendar yourself or use the printing services of places like Office Depot or Kinko’s to print your calendar. You can have the various family members share their favorite picture of their loved one, a song, a poem or a quote that will be assigned to each month (or each day) on the calendar. You can even use old letters or postcards that were written by your loved one. In this way, it is a beautiful and unique way to honor your loved one and to start each day. The grief calendar can be a way of keeping your loved one present and helping to get through each day.

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